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I'm Maya Frost, and I am so glad you're here.

Maya Frost, founder of Compassionate Survivalist, a social venture empowering women to stay safe and help others. Percentage of profits to local disaster relief services in communities across the United States. Maya Frost is an author, teacher, artist, and mother of 4 grown daughters. Compassion, compassionista, love, valentine, mindfulness, safety, encouragement, women, support, empowerment.Photo: Tom Frost

I believe that our highest purpose in life is to be kind and help each other. My personal offerings are mindfulness, love, and safety.

Being of service is what fills our hearts. Here's what is filling my heart:

Maya Frost is the mother of four grown daughters now thriving in Oakland, San Francisco, Dubai, and Buenos Aires. Looking out for girls and women. My four daughters were born within 4.5 years, so we had a house full of female energy. Now, they're all launched and thriving.*

Maya Frost, founder of Compassionate Survivalist, is married to Tom Frost, co-founder of Pacific Glass Straws.On a typical day, I can be found talking with my husband about how to improve our social enterprises. (His is focused on replacing plastic straws in restaurants.)

Maya Frost is the author of The New Global Student: Skip the SAT, Save Thousands on Tuition, and Get A Truly International Education, published by Crown (Random House) in 2009. Study abroad, bold school, college tuition, college prep, student debt, location independent, solo traveler, worldschooling, unschoolingI'm mostly known for my book, The New Global Student, published by Crown (Random House) in 2009. It's become the go-to guide for exchange students, location-independent wannabes, worldschooling families, and others looking for affordable and thrilling alternatives to the traditional path.

Maya Frost was the owner of Real-World Mindfulness Training. Her playful, eyes-wide-open approach to everyday awareness was featured in over 150 web and print publications. Her ezine, The Friday Mind Massage, had thousands of subscribers in over 100 countries.Twenty years ago, I created Real-World Mindfulness Training, and have helped thousands of people get calm, clear, and creative. My playful, eyes-wide-open approach to everyday awareness has been featured in a crazy range of web and print publications worldwide. 

Maya Frost has taught preschoolers in the United States, Japan, China, and Mexico. She served as the governess for the family of Jack Ma, China's most-admired billionaire, in Hangzhou, China. I taught preschoolers in four countries, and had a sweet gig as the governess for the daughter of the most-beloved billionaire in China.

Maya Frost is a minimalist. She has spent years living and traveling with only a carry-on bag filled with her capsule wardrobe, tech gadgets, documents, and art supplies. These days, she and her husband live very happily in a studio apartment. My husband and I are minimalists. (Except for having four kids!) For the last few years, we have been living/traveling with nothing but a carry-on bag each.

Maya Frost is a painter and embroidery artist who is passionate about art and supporting women artists.I'm obsessed with art and supporting women artists. That's why there's so much colorful and inspiring art featured in my Instagram and Pinterest accounts.

Maya Frost is the mother of four grown daughters now thriving in Oakland, San Francisco, Dubai, and Buenos Aires. I think of myself as a lucky person, but I've had a lot of close calls. My stepdad was a safety manager. (Who's rolling their eyes now? Not me!) I don't let fear get in the way of adventure, but I use what I know to stay safe. (And now, I'm sharing it with you!) 

Maya Frost is committed to empowering women of all ages and life stages to stay safe and help others through her social enterprise, Compassionate Survivalist. At 58, I am pouring my energy into helping women just like you protect themselves and their loved ones. 

How? By ensuring that you have what you need to stay safe and help others.

But, Why?

Staying safe should be a no-brainer, right? But there's something that's cast a shadow on the idea of preparing for any kind of disaster--especially for women.

It's that traditional notion of survivalism--the focus on guns, the pessimism and paranoia, the every-man-for-himself mentality.

Honestly, that image of preparing has always made me shudder. I mean, how did our basic human instinct to survive turn so...extreme

Hint: the U.S. demographic that is most prepared for an emergency is white men over the age of 65.

It's time to change that.

We women tend to be collaborative, caring, and proactive. And we are extraordinary planners.

So, what's preventing us from planning for an emergency? 

The answer: fear, dread, and our aversion to pessimism. We get stressed thinking about disasters, we dread the idea of shopping for emergency supplies, and we want to think of ourselves as optimists.

And there's this: to many of us, preparing seems like a guy thing

Friendly reminder: it's 2018. Today, 40% of households in the U.S. are headed by women.

The truth: most of us would rather wish for good luck than prepare for bad luck.

And I get it. I'm the same way.

But here's the thing: we can simultaneously prepare ourselves for emergencies AND keep on wishing, praying, meditating, collaborating, working, and otherwise acting to manifest goodness.

Listen, I don't have a doom-and-gloom bone in my body. Still, something tells me that now, more than ever, we really need women to be safe and able to reach out to their family members, friends, and neighbors.

Love & Safety

Four things came together to inspire me to start this social enterprise:

Kristin Hannah's novel, The Great Alone, set in Alaska in the 70s in a community of traditional survivalists. 

A gripping memoir called Educated by Tara Westover about her life as a young girl growing up in a survivalist family in Idaho.

Both books made me wonder: what if we had a more help-oriented and heart-centered way to prepare for an emergency? 

An online course in social entrepreneurship about designing a business with a social mission

recurring dream about giving the U.S. a big ol' red heart valentine. (After spending the last 15+ years abroad, I longed to give back to my country,)

I set out to offer a kinder, more positive approach to preparing for the future.

Preparing to Help

⬥ We're turning the task of preparing for an emergency into a powerful and celebratory act of self-care and compassion for others

⬥ We give a big percentage of our profits to local disaster relief and recovery efforts in communities across the United States. 

⬥ We're reframing that shudder-worthy word, "survivalist." Hey, we all want to survive. But let's put compassion right up there as a priority.

Rising Up and Reaching Out

Listen, there are plenty of good reasons to be angry these days. I'm choosing to use that burn in my heart and belly to face the future with fierce love and fiery compassion.

I invite you to join our growing community of Compassionistas preparing to spread love and safety.

Together, we can change the numbers, making more women safe and empowered to help others in a crisis.

Thank you so much for caring! I adore you and your big heart. 

Love and safety,


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*Brag alert! (for the curious)

Daughter #1, who lives in Oakland, has a doctorate in public health and has been a tireless advocate for harm reduction. She's been the executive director of an award-winning non-profit in New York, and she and her husband are now implementing compassionate ways to address the opioid crisis across the western U.S.

Daughter #2 has a master's in education, and is a tech and innovation coach at an international school in Dubai. She teaches elementary students (and their teachers) how to code, program robots, and be good digital citizens.

Daughter #3 is bucking the tech-bro trend by shining in a boutique start-up in San Francisco. She works side by side with founders of venture-funded start-ups (the ones you've heard of) to get the right people to craft their culture and manage their meteoric growth.

Daughter #4 lives in Buenos Aires where, as the lead recruiter for a New York-based firm, she places world-class business strategists and documentary filmmakers in exciting positions all over the globe.

Can I just say that they are amazing women, and I love them with all my heart? Of course, I can. I'm their mother. 😍

Okay, brag over. Now, I want to focus on YOU.

Let's make sure you get what you need to stay safe and help others. 

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