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Pick Your Helper Profile

Compassionate Survivalist, a social venture, offers five emergency kits based on helper profiles. First aid, outreach, help, disaster, preparedness, readiness, responder, prepper, survival ,supplies, first aid kits, auto safety, community, outreach. Percentage of profits to disaster relief in the United States. Social venture founded by Maya Frost. Free shipping. Compassion, love, support, encouragement, empowerment, assistance, planning, reaching out, employees, employers, neighborhood, leader, team, club, friends, buddies, strangers, block, building, subdivision, church, school, workplace, yoga studio, coffee, divorced, separated, gift, giving, single, city, hurricane, storm, earthquake, couple, mother, family, children, angel. icon: flaticon

What type of helper do you want to be? Here are some points to keep in mind: 

1) Look at your inner circle.

Of course, you can simply pick your Helper Profile based on your marital status or living situation (single, couple, small family), but we encourage you to go deeper--and think bigger. For example, a single woman is perfectly capable of preparing to help a large group!

2) Consider your social ties. 

Do you share your home with others? Are you close to your neighbors? Are you an employer? Do you manage a yoga studio or coffee shop, head up a neighborhood group, love your book club friends, coach or play on a team? Asking these questions will help you determine how many people you want to be able to help in an emergency.

3) Check your budget.

The most economical option is to get a kit for 4 or 10 and split the cost with others you live with or near.

Think about how you could share your kit, divide the cost, and plan together how to keep each other safe.

We offer five elite-level emergency kits.These aren't the basic bags you may have seen at the big-box stores. We want to be sure you have everything you might need when it matters most. 

Okay. Do you know how many people you want to be able to help?

Great! You're ready.

Choose Your Kit Here

Not sure yet?  This might help!